Wednesday, February 07, 2018

David Bowie - The Man Who Changed the World

This 2016 documentary appeared in Netflix so I thought I would give it a peek.

The film is somewhat fascinating in that the story is told mostly by archival interviews with Bowie and interviews with, frankly, second tier people who were part of his career - not any musicians, but lovers (there is even a bit of footage of an interview with Angie), producers and people who knew him and worked with him in some capacity.

Obviously, the film didn't get the rights to most (any?) of the original music, so they try to give the ambient sounds a bit of the proper flavor. Oddly, even the photos and footage that is used doesn't match the times that the narrator is speaking of, which is fairly disconcerting when trying to keep track of where they are in the tale.

The documentary does tell his biography, overall, although there are pieces, albums, people, personas, missing from the story, but I suppose that happens with any biography due to time limitations.

Reasonably interesting, especially the conversations with his 60's/70's lovers, but not a lot of new or groundbreaking information or footage (which was mostly modern), but still, another piece of the puzzle that was this ground-breaking chameleon of a musician.