Monday, March 12, 2018

The Reeves Brothers at Saddle'n'Spurs, Sunday Mar 11, 2018

I'm always grateful when a good band plays nearby us, and it's especially great when they play early enough that we can check them out and still be home at a reasonable time for work the next day. Saddle'n'Spurs is our local honly-tonk that starts live music at 7:00 pm on Sundays and this evening they hosted our fave local (by way of Pahrump) C&W band (and winners of the Ameripolitan award for Honky Tonk Group), the Reeves Brothers.

I've ranted'n'raved a few times about brothers Matt'n'Cole who, along with bassist Kelly, make up the band the Reeves Brothers. They have yet to maintain a regular drummer so this evening they featured SnS Manager (and regular performer), Bobby Kingston on the skins. The brothers are a couple of the best guitarists'n'singers you're likely to see in any genre, and Kelly'n'Bobby kept the country swingin' and the guests dancin'.

This night the club was about as crowded as I have ever seen it and the couples kept the dance floor full all night. The clientele here is usually a bit older , so the Brothers adjusted the set a bit to accommodate and kept the tempo as a slow-to-medium pace throughout the night (as opposed to the more rockin' C&W they tend to perform at "rock" clubs). But, the set was great, with plenty of their usual classics - Waylon, Jimmy Reed, Merle, Glen Campbell and more - mixed in with originals from their two CDs, and their humorous banter throughout. They hosted a special guest this evening, Sal Santiago, who hails from Nashville and who has graced the stage of the Grand Ols Opry, Opryland and even appeared on the TV show Hee Haw! They seemed ready to play as long as people were willing to dance when we left and I'm sure the entire crowd was left well satisfied!