Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Dead Brothers - Flammend' Herz

This CD is the soundtrack to a movie of the same name - a documentary about three older Swiss gentlemen bonded by a love of tattoos and tattooing. The title translates into English (roughly) as "blue skin", an allusion to the ink that they all carry. Obviously, tattoos are painfully commonplace now - so much so that it's almost more unusual if you do not have one - but when these three began their journey, it was highly unusual.

The instrumental music that the Dead Brothers create to back this film has plenty of nods to traditional European folk music, but with mixes of Tom Waits-ian oddness and early American Roarin' 20's-style jazz, among other sounds. Along with the more customary instruments like guitar and piano, there are banjos, horns, accordion, whistle, harmonium, dobro, cello and more, giving it all an old-timey feel without emulating the style too overtly.

I really love this record and fans of Waits, R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders and the Peculiar Pretzelmen will probably enjoy it as well. Thanks to Voodoo Rhythm Records and Beat Man for turning me on to this!