Friday, April 27, 2018

The (International) Noise Conspiracy - The First Conspiracy

I was a latecomer to T(I)NC, but once I finally gave A New Morning, Changing Weather a chance, I was pretty damn hooked on their mix of garage, punk and far left politics. I still haven't caught up on all of their releases, but found this one and thought I'd check it out. This is a CD compilation of four 7" records that were released prior to their debut, Survival Sickness. The sound and the lyrics are not quite as formulated as they later become, but it's an fine beginning and a cool document of their evolution.

As with their later work, there are plenty of garage influences, along with some punk, post-punk, No-Wave, and funk, all blended together to create their own concoction. The guitars and production aren't quite as roughly hewn as on the later works, and the songs don't necessarily have the same sing-along quality, but the intensity is there and the tracks are quite compelling.

Ironically, I probably wouldn't start with this release as a newbie to the group, but it is still quite diggable! Check it out!