Monday, April 02, 2018

The Psyatics, The Pluralses, the Swamp Gospel at the Double Down Saloon, Saturday Mar 31, 2018

The Swamp Gospel had been on hiatus for various reasons since last December, so we were happy to be asked to be part of the Psyatics record release show at the DD. While the audience was fairly sparse for our opening set, it was get to be back selling soul salvation to old and new congregants.

(SG pic by Nikki Ruffling - thanks, as always, Nikki!)

The celebrants themselves, the Psyatics, were up next and the Saloon magically filled up to a packed crowd of unruly spectators to help honor the release of the new record, Much Worse Things Happen at Sea. To help fill out the sound on a couple of new songs from the record, the boys recruited Micah from Shanda and the Howlers on saxophone and he wailed appropriately right from the start. The band rolled through tunes from all of their albums, with Jack shakin' his butt, wagglin' his tongue and assaulting the audience while setting off sonic waves over Rob's rollickin' bass lines and Mark's tight, surf-styled drums. Yours truly sat in on their cover of the Hives "Two Timing Touch" from the new record, as well as Lou Reed's "I Can't Stand It", which appeared on the previous Famous Monsters album, before the trio closed their set with their own "Gentlemen of Four Outs". Great set and great response from the crowd that was obviously there to support them! Of course, the lovely Ivana Blaize was shimmin'n'shakin' throughout their set for added visual appeal!

(Photo of me sitting in by Melanie Coffee)

Every time I see the Pluralses, their goof-ball punk-pop tunes are tighter and bouncier than ever, blasting through the numbers at sonic speed, while maintaining melodies and harmonies and, yes, offensive, wacky lyrics about celebrities like Guy Fieri and girls who ask for it. Fun stuff!

By this time, this old man was past the point of staying up and missed Stagnetti's Cock - sorry! Thanks for being part of the night and big thanks to DJ Atomic (Hanson) for the great vids during the sets and the great tunes between!