Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Saucers - Second Saucer

Compiled of songs that were written back in the band's original days, Saucers (Craig Bell on bass/guitar, Malcolm Doak on keys/synth and Malcolm Marsden on guitar/harmonica , along with newcomer Kerry Miller from Deezen on drums) have reformed to finally record these long-languishing tunes. This five song EP retains much of the band's original sound, which is still fresh and riveting to this day.

Citing influences like the Velvet Underground, Kinks and Eno when initially recruiting members for Saucers, these songs certainly maintain those touchstones along with the likes of Roxy Music, the Modern Lovers and more.

Propelled by Miller's insistent drum beat, Marsden's "Security" comes off like John Cale (vocal stylings and cacophonous guitar work) fronting a rawer Roxy Music - rockin'n'hypnotic with plenty of keyboard coloring. Doak's "Half Naked and Dead" is a bit more new-wavey, with a gruesome subject matter contrasted by poppy keyboard hooks that are original yet evocative of other 80's hits. In "Tossed a Coin" there are quirky/ almost garage-y rhythms that again hints at an older song, but the synthesizer flourishes add a whole 'nother dimension. "Why Say I?" is more traditionally rockin' with harmonica, B-52-ish vocals and more cool synth. For the closer, Bell's "Where Have They Gone", we get an almost Dylan-like mid-tempo piece with great bursts of Neil Young-like noise guitar  sweeping through it - really well constructed and played.

Craig Bell has been in the center of a lot of fabulous music for a number of decades now and has no intention of stopping any time soon! Check out any of his projects for off-the-beaten-track music.