Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Ugly Things #47 (Spring 2018)

Of course, you can't go wrong with Ugly Things - every issue is jam-packed with rock'n'roll from front to back. This time out we get a tribute to Fred Cole (due to his recent demise)/the Lollipop Shoppe/The Weeds, the Beatles, Nico, Stiv Bators, Cyril Jordan does a column about the making of Shake Some Action, the Betterdays, the pre-teen garage punkers the Little Bits, Pat Priest of the Munsters (and lots more, it turns out), a bizarre, drama-filled Shaggs-related story (not them, but their record company's producer/president), a tale of a Swedish Beat/Pop band, the Shamrocks (who never gained popularity in Sweden, but were big on the European continent), and various other sagas of surf (session singer Chuck Girard), garage (of course!), punk (Stiv Bators' Bomp-era drummer) and even Red Curtain r'n'r!

Naturally, that's all just a tip of the rockin' ice berg - lots more articles and as usual, reviews aplenty that will bloat your already overflowing Amazon list! C'mon - it's Ugly Things - you know you need it - get it!