Thursday, May 17, 2018

Where Is the Chesterfield King ?!?! - movie starring the Chesterfield Kings

Described as Ed Wood meets A Hard Day's Night, this (purposefully) Z-grade flick shows the Chesterfield Kings runnin' rampant ala the Monkees with a heavy dose of the Three Stooges thrown in. A loose plot involves an alien who kidnaps the Kings' drummer, Mike, in an attempt to infiltrate the band and conquer the world - although how he was going to accomplish this is never revealed. As far as the band knows, Mike simply went out for a walk but they search the globe for him - a good excuse to use the footage that they took on their numerous, successful tours - in order to find him in time for the important TV show appearance that night.

The evil plot is foiled, of course - the Kings are the good guys, natch - and in the meantime we see plenty of sight gags, a guest appearance by Mark Lindsay (who lip-sync's a tune with the gang), a gaggle of slapstick comedy and a passel of hip C. Kings' tunes. The bonus material includes a short documentary of the debut of the film that contains interviews with Greg Prevost and others who worked on the film as well as a separate section with several live cuts from happenin' European shows.

I suppose that anyone who knows anything about the Kings wouldn't expect anything very serious from this endeavor and they would be right. This is goofy in the extreme and filled with 60's references and their wacky sense of humor. Good, silly fun!