Thursday, June 07, 2018

recommended gigs

Friday June 8 - the Unwieldies with Le Dominiki at the Huntridge
Friday June 8 - Atomic Video Jukebox at the Double Down

Saturday June 9 - Wild Evel and the Trashbones (garage from Austria), Los YaYaz (SLC) and the Laissez Fairs at the Bunkhouse
Saturday June 9 - the Unwieldies at the Dillinger
Saturday June 9 - the New Waves at the Golden Tiki

Sunday June 10 - The Scoundrels Smokin' Sunday with 3D6 at the Dive Bar

Monday June11 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Friday June 15 - birthday celebrations for Nikki and Jesse Del Quadro at the Double Down

Friday June 22 - Slim JIm Phantom with Shanda and the Howlers and more at Cornish Pasty

Saturday June 23 - Negative Nancys, Strange Mistress, Stereo Assault, Bounty Hunter Brothers at Cornish Pasty

Sunday June 24 - Shanda and the Howlers hosting LV Blues Jam night at Saddle'n'Spurs

Friday June 29 - the Psyatics, Illicitor, Water Landing and Better Broken at the Double Down
Friday June 29 - Fuzz Solow with Fantastic Negrito at the Bunkhouse

Saturday June 30 - Mister Moonbeam, Paige Overton, Midnight Disease at the Velveteen Rabbit

Monday June 18 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Thurs July 19 - Moon Darling, Indigo Kidd, Psyatics, Laissez Fairs at the Bunkhouse
Thursday July 19 - Courtney's Birthday Bash at Evel Pie with the Negative Nancys, Jerk! and Shocktroopers

Monday June 25 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Friday July 27 - Water Landing, War Twins, Mirror Hollow, Pet Tigers, the Scorched at the Beauty Bar
Friday July 27 - the Implosions, Danger Inc, the Pluralses at the Huntridge Tavern

Sunday Aug 19 - the Hellacopters play Psycho Las Vegas at the Joint with lots more bands

Saturday Aug 25 - Lita Ford at the Cannery

Friday Aug 31 - the Mapes, the Sheiks of Neptune at the Dive Bar

Thursday Sept 6 - Sunday Sept 9 - the Las Vegas Tiki Weekender at the Thunderbird Motel with Thee Swank Bastards, Durango 66, Franks'n'Deans and more

Friday Sept 7 - Hot Tuna at Brooklyn Bowl

Saturday Oct 27, 2018 - the Gentlemen of Four Outs at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Nov 17 - Ghost at the Joint

What have I forgotten? Lemme know