Wednesday, June 06, 2018

The Raunch Hands - El Raucho Grande

This 6-song, 12" EP was the Hands' raunchy debut, making' a name for themselves with their sound, their energy, their humor and their sexism! All in good fun, of course, although wildly un-PC - and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Right from the start the whole combination appears in "Man Needs a Woman" - 50's rock'n'roll with possibly the most sexist lyrics this side of the Mentors! Gotta admit, it's still pretty funny, although I wouldn't be caught dead singin' it myself! The title track is their take on autobiographical Mex-Tex - they probably couldn't get away with this these days, either, although it's damn well done. "Mess Around" is performed with all cylinders firin' on high gear while the guitars'n'sax riff'n'wails and Dr. John's "Storm Warning" follows suit after a properly moody intro. Their blues-sleaze is in full force in the cleverly-written tale of an affair gone wrong in "Spit It on the Floor" - truly hilarious but the swing of the music is what makes the tune one of their most memorable. They finish here with the country-pickin'/slide guitar bop of another tale of infidelity that this time just ends is the loss of Michael's "Ford".

More delightful diversions from these masters of punk-roots music! Dig it!