Friday, September 14, 2018

TV Party Tonight with the Psyatics and VJ Atomic at the Double Down, Thursday Sept 13, 2018

Hip, happening Haanson Myer hosts the Double Down's TV Party monthly, with one "classic" movie paired with a groovy live act. This time around we got Dudes, a 1987 flick directed by Penelope Spheeris and featuring the likes of Lee Ving, Flea, Axexel G. Rease and Mad Marc Rude. Very politically incorrect and low-budg, but a fun romp through a story of punk rock murder and revenge.

The Psyatics immediately followed and pummeled their way through their set of punk/garage/noise numbers, with their originals (ranging from the sultry "Evangeline" to the raucous "Gentlemen of Four Outs", which featured a particularly fine drum section by Mark Bartschi) interspersed with covers from the Hives, the Oblivions, Pink Floyd and more. Of course, the lovely Ivanna Blaize helped provide visual stimuli throughout the set, as well, as did Jack's particularly affectionate fan (seen below). Always dig this combo's twisted tales of sordidness and psychopathic mind trips that accompany their truly original wall of sound. Jack's sonic waves ride over Rob's loping bass runs and Mark's creative drumming, that somehow manages to pull it all together. See 'em when you can!