Thursday, November 28, 2019

Basstravaganza featuring Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down, Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

 As everyone in Vegas knows, Basstravaganza isThee Swank Bastards' holiday season kick-off that coincides with the Double Down Saloon's anniversary weekend. What started as a search for someone to fill in on bass for a regular Bastards gig turned into a wild event with as many bassists as they are anniversary years. This brings together close friends as well as some people who might only see each other at this event, but it also brings together the Vegas musical scene - besides everyone that plays, friends and fans all show up to join in the festivities, making it one of the most popular nights at the DD.

27 bassists played this year and my phone's camera was acting up so I didn't get good pictures, or sometimes any pictures, of everyone, although I did shoot everyone - sometimes the photos were too blurry and sometimes the pix just disappeared from my phone. My apologies to those I did a disservice to, but that happens with wonky equipment and while playing, socializing and drinking. I'm sure there are better representations somewhere. I should hire a photographer!

In any case, thank you to Jess Del Quadro for throwing this party, thank you to all that played and attended, thank you to Moss and the Double Down for hosting and a special thanks to artist Jw Caldwell for the excellent poster artwork! Happy Thanksgiving all!