Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Psyatics, Pitchfork, Flux at Tecopa Takeover, Tecopa Springs, CA, Saturday Nov 9, 2019

Tecopa Takeover is generally a relatively laid-back, hippie-esque weekend in Tecopa Springs, CA with lots of music'n'activities for adults'n'kids and even dogs! A cool scene in the middle of nowhere that, to my knowledge, has been a more acoustic/bluegrass/folk-oriented event that is expanding their musical explorations, hence the addition of the Psyatics to this years' line-up!

While the event goes on from Thursday through Sunday, we just came in for Saturday afternoon. Accompanying a large brunch buffet was the music of Pitchfork, a fantastic acoustic bluegrass combo with dobro player Richard of the Unwieldies and on bass was Tecopa event coordinator Dave - he and his wife Megan are the instigators of the weekend, as I understand (and their youngster was a highlight of the day and he entertained on stage as the bands played). An excellent combo consisting of dobro, stand-up bass, guitars, mandolin and banjo and multi-part harmonies. Really fun and a terrific start to the day.

(Sorry that my stage photos are so bad - they seemed better when I was taking them.)

The Psyatics came up next and were a pretty substantial contrast, with our loud electric guitars and punk rock energy, but we still got a reasonably good response and a number of people complimented us after the fact. We had a blast and appreciated the real stage and good sound. There were a number of people with high quality cameras taking photos, so I hope we can see some of those at some point.

Flux followed and were a talented kinda white-boy-funk/rock outfit with a multi-instrumentalist playing a variety of horns and some keyboards. Their grooves got a few more people up and dancing in the fall sunshine.

We all had other commitments later that night so we did not stick around for the rest of the entertainments (which ran until Sunday evening, including my country faves, the Reeves Brothers). But this was a super fun trip out to the desert for a different kinda afternoon! Thank you again to all involved!