Thursday, November 14, 2019

recommended gigs

Thursday Nov 14 - TV Party Tonight at the Double Down showing the movie Airplane with appropriate live music by Water Landing

Friday Nov 15 - the Psyatics at the Double Down

Saturday Nov 16 - The Swamp Gospel at the Double Down

Friday Nov 22 - the Heiz with The Swamp Gospel and Fuckface at Evel Pie

Saturday Nov 23 - The Heiz at the Mint
Saturday Nov 23 - Shanda and the Howlers at the Golden Tiki
Saturday Nov 23 - Not a Robot, Negative Nancys, Gob Patrol, Blvd Bullies at the Double Down
Saturday Nov 23 - Johnny Zig and the Force at Tiki di Amore

Sunday Nov 24 - the Heiz at the Sand Dollar

Tuesday Nov 26 - The Psyatics and the Heiz at the Huntridge

Wednesday Nov 27 - the Heiz at the Rusty Spur
Wednesday Nov 27 - the Delta Bombers with Eddie Spaghetti, JD Pinkus, and Farangs at Backstage Bar and Billiards
Wednesday Nov 27 - Basstravaganza featuring Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down Saloon

Friday Nov 29 - The Heiz at the Double Down with Water Landing, Dead Dolls and Eric Wilson
Friday Nov 29 - Thee Swank Bastards at Tiki di Amore

Saturday Nov 30 - The Heiz at the Double Down with Jerk!, Franks'n'Deans and Dirk Vermin and the Hostile Talent

Saturday Dec 1 - Thee Hypnotiques at the Golden Tiki

Sunday Dec 2 - the Dickies with Jerk! at Evel Pie

Saturday Dec 7 - Agent Orange with The Psyatics , the Sheiks of Neptune and the Jagoffs at the Dive Bar

Saturday Dec 14 - The Swamp Gospel with the All Togethers at the Huntridge

Tuesday Dec 17 - the Double Whammys at the Golden Tiki

Saturday Dec 28 - Thee Hypnotiques at Tiki di Amore

Thursday Jan 2 - Tommy and the Commies, the Cavemen, Thee Saturday Knights and the Van der Rohe at the Bunkhouse

Friday Jan 3 - the New Waves at the Golden Tiki

Saturday Jan 18 - the Swamp Gospel and the Psyatics and the Holy Smokes at the Double Down

What have I forgotten? Lemme know