Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Double Whammys at the Golden Tiki - Tuesday Nov 13, 2019

Vegas' latest intro combo is a local supergroup, the Double Whammys, made up of various luminaries -about-town including Tony Felicetta on drums, Cromm Fallon on bass, Joe Lawless on keys, Russ Burt on sax and Cole Maxwell on guitar - I've already lost count of how many bands these cats are involved in between them all. With a mission to create "hip shakin' go-go instrumentals", their sound is a bit Booker T and the MGs, a spray of surf, a bump of Las Vegas Grind-styled tunes and whatever else they decide to throw in. Everything was covers, mostly fairly obscure (most likely coming from the likes of the LV Grind record series), with shout-alongs like "Big Feet" and a variation on "Thunderbird". Top notch playing all around - snappy drums, wailin' sax, sharp guitar licks, soulful organ and groovin' basslines that succeed in making ya wanna swing'n'sway through the dance floor.

Really fun stuff aimed at the Golden Tiki/Tiki di Amore scene and I'm sure that they will win over folks whenever they take the stage - they packed the GT on this Tuesday night and certainly made plenty of fans already. Keep an eye out for them!

(I wasn't gonna fight the crowds for better pix - sorry!)