Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Psyatics, Clownvis Presley, the Pluralses at the Double Down, Friday Nov 15, 2019

It's been a while since I've had the chance to see the Pluralses and in that time they have become a super tight knit punk rock'n'roll outfit, albeit an incredibly politically incorrect one. With songs about blow jobs and girls "asking for it", they have offended those without a sense of humor and amused those who appreciate potty mouths. I didn't move quick enough to purchase their CD's this evening - next time - but they did a great sounding set to a jam-packed DD crowd.

Special guest this night was Clownvis Presley, a touring clown-faced Elvis imitator - it is fairly incredible how many variations of Elvii there are these days - who sang to backing tracks while doing a stand-up comedian/magician act. Oddball, indeed, and a shame that there wasn't a live band behind him, although the music - "Viva Las Vegas", "My Way" and various wackiness such as an Electric Company song and a holiday tune called "Don't Be A Bitch Or You Won't Get Anything For Xmas" - was almost secondary to his stand-up routine and nifty sleight-of-hand. Entertaining and not something that you would normally expect from the DD.

The Psyatics had to follow that experience and while some folks faded away, others appeared and stuck it out with us and we stomped'n'shouted through a set of tunes from the previous albums as well as several brand new numbers. A little sloppy, but plenty of fun and we appreciate everyone who rocked'n'rolled with us.

(Psyatics photos by Nikki Ruffling, natch)