Saturday, November 02, 2019

The Psyatics, Fuckface, Anubis at the Double Down, Friday Nov 1, 2019

As I've said before, the Psyatics try to get to the Double Down every month or so (sometimes more!) and this time we ended up with some of Vegas' more crazed punk/hardcore/whatever groups and somehow it all worked together.

Not much that I can say about the Psyatics' set since I am now part of the show, but we had a fine time running through old'n'new songs to an appreciative audience. Thanks to the other bands for hanging out and supporting! We'll be back at the DD on the 15th!

Opening the night was Anubis, whose name, to me anyway, elicits images of stoner sludge metal, and there are some touches of this in their sound - which I appreciated, as it makes them stand out amongst the many punk groups in town - and this is mixed with more "standard" punk rock and even some scream metal. Everyone is solid musicians, especially the slammin' drummer, although this evening the mix was a little off-balance, with the bass being a bit louder than the guitar - at least from my vantage point. But, definitely an interesting combo and I will definitely check 'em out again soon! Bonus points for the 7 foot talk singing werewolf wearing an Egyptian neme!

Fuckface - that's a Vegas band name, for sure! - has already made a name for themselves in the few short months that they have been around. Frontman Butters is a fixture at the Double Down and the band is a tight-knit hardcore combo with a cooly crunchy guitar sound (although he seemed to be having some issues with his equipment and changed guitars a couple of times) and singalong backing vocals. Butters is a highly animated singer who isn't afraid to use some props occasionally while constantly interacting with the crowd. I'm not sure how much of the set is originals, but there were a few recognizable covers interspersed in the set. The crowd seemed to love them and gave them a great reception. You'll be seeing plenty from them, I'm sure!

I was pretty damned beat by the time Societies Infection started (it had been a long work week), but they seemed to be another energetic punk/hardcore group that I am sure I will be checking out before long!

Thanks to the DD for another fun night and thanks to everyone who came out!