Friday, December 06, 2019

Redd Kross - Researching the Blues

I'm kinda going backwards here - this record was the prequel to Beyond the Door , released in 2012 with the McDonald brothers backed by longtime collaborators drum-master Roy McDonald (no relation) and lead guitar whiz Robert Hecker. Considering that this was the line up on some of their best known pop records, it's not surprising that this release emulates some of that greatness.

The opening title cut particularly sounds like it could easily have come off of, say, Neurotica, with fantastic lead work by Hecker, wild drums and incredible catchy melodies. These wondrous sounds continue in "Stay Away From Downtown", with pitch perfect genetic harmonies and sing-along chorus, as well as "Uglier" and the horror movie influenced (lyrically, not musically) "Dracula's Daughters" (once again, dig those harmonies!) and the rockin' "Meet Frankenstein".

Roy's classic drum lick opens up another power-pop masterpiece, the mid-tempo "One of the Good Ones", Hecker's guitar drives "The Nu Temptations", where Jeff's voice is top notch and the layered  harmonies are impressive as hell, ringing guitars galore highlight "Choose to Play", their Beatles influences come to the forefront in "Winter Blues" with it's John Lennon melodies and George Harrison slide guitar work, and the closer, "Hazel Eyes", has a little electronic noodling, but otherwise continues in their quest for the ultimate pop precision.

Once again, anyone who is a fan of RK or just of power pop in general will go gaga over these latest records. Highly recommended and, of course, go see them live for the ultimate experience!