Sunday, December 01, 2019

The Heiz, Dirk Vermin and the Hostile Talent, Jerk! and Franks and Deans at the Double Down, Saturday Nov 30. 2019

For the culmination of the Double Down's 27th anniversary weekend on Saturday, the bar hosted the return of The Heiz along with local celebs Jerk!, Dirk Vermin and Franks and Deans for a star-studded send-off to the weekend.

Jerk! started the night off, this time appearing as a three piece with lead singer Josh on bass (he played guitar when they were a quartet) and guitarist Matt backed by a monster sit-in drummer who might have missed a couple of cues but made up for it by being a powerhouse drivin' force. Their Ramones-esque pop-punk was a fine start to the night with an already jam-packed house.

Dirk Vermin has been a DD regular for nearly as long as the club has existed so it is fitting that he appeared both on Friday (with his latest combo, the Dead Dolls) and this night, with the Hostile Talent. Kind of a fitting name for these reprobates and they are a super-solid group with slammin' drummer Turbo keepin' the back beat bouncin' with tight rhythms and stingin' lead guitar work. Lots of obnoxious originals (kind of Dirk's trademark) as well as covers like the Standells' "Riot on Sunset Strip" and Girlschool's "Emergency".

After over a week in Vegas playing damn near every dive in town, the Heiz showed no sign of winding down as they stormed through a set of their unique brand of American rock'n'roll - from Chuck Berry to the Ramones - as seen through Japanese eyes. Opening with their new anthem "Back In Vegas", they ran through plenty of numbers from their excellent albums, such as the singalong odes to pizza and rock'n'roll, and the likes of "Taco Mambo" and "SOS Rock'n'Roll" mixed with high energy covers of tunes like "Hound Dog", "Keep A-Knockin'" and the closer "My Way" which got the entire crowd joining in. After chants of "one more song" (which appears on one of their albums, which I assume was recorded at a DD gig), they brought up drummer Pip from Franks'n'Deans and Kim got up from behind the kit to lead everyone in the Ramones "Rock'n'Roll Radio".

Non-stop wildness once again from this trio and a perfect band for the DD's anniversary! Unfortunately, the week caught up with us and we weren't able to stick around for our pals Franks'n'Deans, but we know that they had to continue the party well into the night!

Thank you Moss and all the hard-workin' folks at the DD for 27 years of sleazy rock'n'roll!