Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Psyatics, the Shakes and Working Class Skumbags at the Double Down, Friday Feb 21, 2020

Since we weren't certain until the last minute if last week's DD show was happening (glad that it did - it was a blast!), this fill-in gig came together as a stop-gap measure to make sure we had something happening for February. It's always a good time at the DD and this evening was no exception.

The night started with the Shakes, a young trio from Henderson who played cover songs, mostly 50's and 60's hits - Elvis, Carl Perkins, Beatles, Kinks, even Cream - as well as 70's numbers like Tom Petty's "American Girl". Good playing all around, fun equipment, and cool vocal harmonies - the Beatles harmonies were pretty much right on - and the guitarist and bassist even switched instruments for a couple fo tunes, even though the bassist played left handed but guitar right handed! Still not sure how they managed that feat! Fairly unusual for the Double Down, but good fun.

24 Beers later never appeared (someone assumed they were on their 25th beer somewhere) so the Psyatics got the 2nd slot of the night. Although the crowd was somewhat sparse - there was quite a bit going on this evening - there were still enough folks to make it fun and we even got some people up to shimmy'n'shake along. Our set mixed old'n'new tunes, as we have been doing lately, and it was a good warm up for our CD release party coming up on March 27 at the DD! (No pix of us for the night, unfortunately).

The Working Class Skumbags came up next and blasted through a set of self described Oi Punk from Babbit Nevada. Not my favorite style of music but they were passionate and energetic and did their best for the remnants of the night's denizens.

As it was late on a work night, I took off as they were finishing their set so I don't know if 24 Beers Later ever did show up but you never know at the DD! Still, a fun time and thanks to the DD for continuing to host good'n'varied nights and to the entire crew for being stand-up characters and all-around good folks!