Thursday, April 30, 2020

Time Crashers - EP-ISODE 2: The Edison Paradox

I think that we discovered the Time Crashers due to a Las Vegas Vegan Eats event where their bassist (at the time - time being fluid with this combo) was/is a fellow vegetarian and one of the only other musicians at the event. When we got a chance to see them, we were definitely intrigued by their time-traveling, punk rock ways, with Telsa (singer) teaming up with the likes of Carl Sagan (drums), Leonardo Davinci (guitarist/inventor), Julius Caesar (bassist before he was murdered on stage), Julie D'Aubigny (current bassist) and more (at different times). Smart'n'funny, visual'n'talented, they were certainly a change of pace in the Vegas scene.

As the title states, this is their second release, the previous being the Bootleg From the Future/ Chronal Displacement from, damn, I guess it's been 5 years ago (although time is meaningless to these travelers, I suppose). Here, they continue with their punky/hardcore music mixed with humorously smart lyrics.

This EP starts things off with "Jesus Dino Rider", obviously influenced by wacky memes floating around the internet, which is actually pretty damn catchy, with hip licks intertwined with Biblical lyrics. "I Liked You Better When You Were Primordial Ooze" is a bit more hardcore, in their fairly goofy way, and short'n'fast, with a funnily intelligent storyline once again flanked by cool git-riffs. An inter-dimensional saga of fast love, "You Make My Heart Go 88 MPH" has great, uncontrolled guitar mania with a "Back To the Future" reference (how could they not?) followed by the continuum-altering "Quantum Mosh" - trashily'n'dirgey with references to the TV show Quantum Leap, in a weird, twisted way which leads into  "UnFrozen Caveman Lawyer" - how do they come up with these concepts? Kind of a growly - but catchy - chorus, and melodic guitar and sax lines intertwining with a punk/ska beat in a super cool, almost X-Ray Spex kinda way - pretty great, actually! "Steel Cotillion" gives us a futuristic debutante ball, with a modernistic waltz beat mixed with thrash?! Wha? The EP closes with "Discontinuum ", a  one minute and 12 second blur of superspeed hardcore with some no wave sax (provided by modern day human Joshua Kephart) added for superb, extra color.

This group alters the space/time continuum so you don't have to - damn, are they to blame for our current timeline? No, don't take it out on them, simply appreciate their primitive r'n'r offerings to help appease our sufferings in this dystopian cycle. I haven't seen them in years, apparently (who knows since they keep twisting the timeline?) but I hope that once the stupid human race repairs itself they will make their presence known again. In the meantime, this EP is currently available as a digital release and you can pick it up at the Time Crashers Bandcamp page. Give them some cash so that they can go back in time and fix things!