Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Pink Floyd Echoes


While I truly dig early Pink Floyd - particularly the Syd Barrett work - through at least UmmaGumma, the Dark Side of the Moon and later records never really resonated with me, other than as passable - or even good - FM radio, background sounds. So, this two-CD "best of" set has quite a bit that doesn't do much for me, personally. While it has some early, excellent and sometimes hard-to-find material - "See Emily Play", "Arnold Layne", "Astronomy Domine", "Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun", "Jugband Blues", "Bike", and more, the rest is dominated by DSOTM and later jam-ridden numbers. Also, frustratingly, and certainly intentionally so that you would be forced to sit through songs that you might skip otherwise, the set is not even close to being set up chronologically, giving jarring flips from Syd sounds to the polished FM fodder.

Of course, those who dig the later work will dig this, but if you already have DSOTM, you probably already have most of the tunes that you would pick this up for. One would think that there are better, chronological comps out by now - guess I'll have to investigate that!