Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hellacopters - Cream of the Crap Volume 2

Surprisingly, I have not reviewed Volume 1 yet, but this is another fantastic collection of B-Sides, cuts from split-singles, rare 45s and compilation cuts put together so that us loyal fans (who didn't get this stuff when it came out) did not have to shell out the big bux for the originals. Everything on here is top notch, with excellent originals, wild covers and very cool surprises.

I love that they pay tribute to the Swedes that laid the groundwork for them, the Nomads, by demolishing their terrific "Low Down Shakin' Chills". There are several guest singers throughout: Matt Mettelburger on the AC/DC-ish "It's Not a Long Way Down", Scott Morgan (Sonic's Rendezvous Band) on "Slow Down (Take a Look)" and "16 With a Bullet", and Blag Dahlia on the Dead Boys' "Ain't Nothin' To Do". Lots more interesting covers, like Love's "A House is not a Motel", Radio Birdman's "Time to Fall", the Misfits' "Bullet", Kiss' "All American Man", the Dictators' "Master Race Rock" and Black Sabbath's "Dirty Women", all given the 'Copters' treatment.

While this spans a good portion of their career, it is mostly rough'n'raw wildness - just the way I like the Hellacopters! You know I'm gonna say that you need this!