Thursday, October 27, 2016

recommended gigs

Thursday Oct 27 - The All Togethers at the House of Blues
Thursday Oct 27 - Thee Swank Bastards at the Double Down

Friday Oct 28 - Deadbolt at the Golden Tiki
Friday Oct 28 - Bob Wayne, Three Bad Jacks, The Rhyolite Sound, Whiskey Breath at the Dive Bar

Saturday Oct 29 - The Swamp Gospel, Nina Coyote and Chico Tornado, the Super Zeroes at the Double Down

Sunday Oct 30 - The Bitters at the Double Down

Monday Oct 31 - De Phobic and the Phobic-tones at the Double Down
Monday Oct 31 - Franks'n'Deans, Jerk, the Quitters, Louder than Words at the House of Blues
Monday Oct 31 - Jello Biafra DJ'ing at the Golden Tiki

Wednesday Nov 2 - X at the Foundry SLS
Wednesday Nov 2 - Franks'n'Deans 2nd anniversary Weenie Roast with the Psyatics and much more!

Saturday Nov 5 - Geekapalooza at the Dive Bar with 3d6, the Super Zeroes, the Velveteen Band and more

Sunday Nov 6 - Howlin' King Crawdad at Saddles'n'Spurs

Thursday Nov 10 - Gram Rabbit, Acid Sisters, Darts (with members of the Love Me Nots, Two Tens and Brainspoon!) and the Van der Rohe at the Bunkhouse

Saturday Nov 12 - Cash'd Out at Adrenaline Sports Bar with Dr Phobic, the Rhyolite Sound and Dante's Inferno

Friday Nov 18 - Gogo Bordello at the Brooklyn Bowl
Friday Nov 18 - Eric Idle and John Cleese at the Venetian

Saturday Nov 19 - The Swamp Gospel and the Swank Bastards at the Golden Tiki

Friday Nov 25 - The Heiz and Franks'n'Deans at the Double Down

Thursday Dec 8 - movie premier of Atomic Punks at the Double Down

Friday Feb 10 - Adam Ant at the Brooklyn Bowl

Sunday April 9 - the Damned at the House of Blues

What have I forgotten? Lemme know

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band, the Supersuckers, Jesse Dayton, the All Togethers at Backstage Bar and Billiards, Tuesday Oct 25, 2016

I don't often get out during the week, but with a strong line up that was starting at a reasonable time (just after 8:30pm), I was lured from my house to Triple B on a Tuesday!

Opening slot was given to one of Las Vegas' premier acoustic combos, the All Togethers. With a constantly changing line-up, the band now consists of stalwarts Ken and Cindy (vocals and mandolin/banjo and stand-up bass) along with Mike, Brandon (guitars/vocals), Brenna (cello/vocals) and brand new cat, Ian, on the fiddle. Brenna is now playing her cello with a strap, enabling her to stand up while playing - one of the more unique sights you're likely to see with an acoustic combo! This did not hamper her playing in any way and she and Ian added nice flourishes to the songs. The set was mostly songs from their CDs, most performed with fine 5 part harmonies, along with Mike's "Sonata in Whiskey" and the big closer, "Baba O'Reilly" (this time with Ken on mandolin instead of the usual banjo)! Great set!

I was not familiar with Jesse Dayton before this eve, but he has worked with major artists such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Rob Zombie (!), Kris Kristofferson and even contributed to an album by the Supersuckers! Surprisingly that I didn't know who he was. This evening his rockabilly trio sported Blasters gear, showing where they were coming from, and pumped out a set of original rockabilly tunes highlighted by some superior guitar work by Jesse. The rhythm section was ace, as well, and added harmonies to the tunes, and even did brief bass and drum solos! Jesse interacted a lot with the audience and even got everyone to sing along here'n'there and entertained with songs with titles like "At Home Getting Hammered While She's Out Getting Nailed"! Fun set!

The Supersuckers no longer rely on a wall of Marshalls to make their point, as Eddie Spaghetti has put down his bass and now donned an acoustic guitar and the rest of the group play though small-but-tough sounding amps. Backed by Marty Chandler on guitar, Chris Von Streicher on drums and, for this evening, a return of Jesse Dayton on guitar, their sound is now slower and more country than the bombastically big rock of the old days. Yes, Eddie's stage persona is pure egomania, and they still do several of the older "hits" ("Born With a Tail", "Double Wide", "Coat Tail Rider", "Jackalope Eyes" etc.), though nowhere near as maniacally as before. There were actual ballads with plenty of harmonies (everyone sang), a slower spaghetti western number, country tunes about marijuana, a rockin' soul song and some old school high energy punk'n'roll. Eddie also got the audience to join in, singing along with songs, doing call'n'answers, recognizing that all songs were ending with "cha cha cha" so that the crowd would know when to cheer, taking a pic of the audience all flipping him off, and on'n'on! Unfortunately, the sound was kinda muddy throughout the night, with the bass drum FAR too loud (to the point of being chest-thumpingly painful) and the vocals too buried, so it was difficult to pick out everything. Guitarist Marty got to sing lead on a tune and pulled out all of the stops for his leads - and several times did some smokin' trade offs and dual leads with Jesse - the highlight of the set. Obviously, not the same as the old days, but still quite entertaining in a posing-rock kinda way!

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band is really not that big - it consists of the Rev. on guitar and vocals, his wife Breezy on washboard and vocals and Maxwell on drums (and bucket). Their sound is old school country'n'blues, with Peyton pickin'n'slidin' on his vintage guitars and addin' a bit of bass with simply the lower strings (he did run it through a bass amp as well as his guitar amps). He comes across as a cartoon character - Bluto from Popeye, to be precise - while making faces and stompin' his big frame all over the stage, interacting with Breezy and Maxwell, as well as the audience, who they also got singing along with their songs. They're definitely a visual group and dig putting on a show - from their outfits and general goofiness to the Rev. kicking a cymbal'n'stand high in the air at the close of a song for their roadie to catch to Breezy setting her washboard on fire! (You could buy the washboard at the end of the night for $200!). Their well deserved encore was "Two Bottles of Wine" with Jesse and Eddie joining the mayhem with vocals, guitar and Eddie playing the bid damn bass drum while Breezy was burning things and the Rev. was wailin' away! Definitely a good time! (And I was home by 1:00! I hope that more local clubs adopt this policy of reasonably early weeknight shows!)

Monday, October 24, 2016

RIP Pete Burns

Pete Burns, frontman of Dead Or Alive, dies aged 57 

Oh no! RIP Jack Chick!

Jack Chick, the Creator Of Bigoted Yet Weirdly Enjoyable Evangelical Comic Books, Has Died
Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Jack Chick. He is about as rock'n'roll - even though he hated it - as it comes.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

RIP Steve Dillon

Steve Dillon, Iconic Preacher And Punisher Artist, Has Died
Terribly sad. The Preacher comic as one of the best!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Vibrators at the DOuble Down, Friday Oct 21, 2016

Having been out the night before and work that day, I took a bit of a nap before going out for this show. Anticipating standard DD set times (11, 12, 1, 2), I left the house sround midnight but did not anticipate that my standard route would be closed due to construction (the bane of my life these days in Las Vegas) and I got to the club considerably later than I expected. So late, in fact, that I missed one of my fave local band, the Psyatics, who went on considerably earlier than normal. That put a damper on my night, and then I heard that the Vibrators original singer did NOT show up, as advertised, which added to the disappointment. Of course, since I was there, I stuck around to see what they sounded like. I had seen them about 20 years ago, playing a record store in LA, but I honestly couldn't remember what they were like.

Now consisting of the original drummer and a new bassist and guitarist, all of who sing (though none with the nicely distinctive voice of Knox), the trio bashed through a number of their classic songs, such as "I Need a Salve", "Sweetheart", "Whips and Furs" (my fave), "You Broke My Heart", etc., along with tunes from their second album and the current band's new record - along with a surprise cover of "Have Love, Will Travel".

Eddie is still a terrific drummer, with a powerful punch and a cool style, perfect for this type of punk rock. He essentially led the band and kept things moving, immediately starting the next song after finishing the last - good pacing. Unfortunately, none of them have a great voice and the melodies of the tunes tend to get lost.

Overall, a bit of a let down all night, but I appreciate the Double Down bringing in this style of punk bands to Vegas!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Delta Bombers at the Rusty Spur, Thursday Oct 20, 2016

Hadn't been to the Rusty Spur before, but heard plenty of good things about it and when we saw that the diddly-boppin' Delta Bombers were playing an early, Free show there as a prelude to yet another tour, we made the crosstown trip to check it out!

Arriving at least a 1/2 hour before the band was due to play, the tiny (storage room sized) bar was already packed wall-to-wall, front-to-back with fans'n'drinkin' buddies ready for the night's entertainment.

The Bombers squeezed themselves into a space in the back of the room and proceeded to blast out a sweat-soaked set of their own brand of rockabilly'n'blues. The ran through a bunch of their originals - with nods to people like the Gun Club, Bo Diddley (cool call'n'answer tune that is a staple of their set), Son House, Muddy Waters and more, as well as the high-energy, bluegrassy "White Lightnin'", "Run Through the Jungle" and their encore, a rockin' take on "Smokestack Lightning".

These cats get better every time I see them - most likely due to the fact that they've done something like 170 shows already this year! - and they have a rockin', tight sound that allows frontman Chris to exhort the audience to drink, sing-along, and generally join in on the mayhem.

Totally fun set at a cool little dive bar - check out both the band and the bar when ya can!

Birthday girl Allison got a dedication and a hug!

Chris and wife Jessie share a tender moment at the end of the set!