Sunday, January 05, 2014

Dave Edmunds - Get It

Yep, I'm pulling out my old Edmunds records now, cuz they're damn good and I haven't listened to
them in quite a while. On this, his third solo album, Dave performed some of the tunes solo and others with an early version of Rockpile - Nick Lowe & Terry Williams backing him, and co-writing several tunes with Lowe.

But, he wasn't afraid to cover other people's material, as well, such as the kick ass, multi-layered take on Bob Seger's frantic "Get Out of Denver", as the opener. Lowe's classic rocker "I Knew the Bride" ("when she used to rock'n'roll") follows and then Dave takes on Graham Parker's "Back to School Boys", as these cats were all part of the burgeoning "pub rock" scene before they all became stars in their own rights. More of the patented Lowe/Edmunds sound in "Here Comes the Weekend" - fast paced, old-styled rock'n'roll with terrific harmonies and cool guitar lines. He pulls out his C&W side on his own "Worn Out Suits, Brand New Pockets" - kind of like Phil Spector doing country. He gets even more Spector-ish in "Where or When", an old musical number made popular by Dion and the Belmonts.

Side two of the vinyl opened with the Zydeco-like "Ju Ju Man", complete with uptempo accordion solo and great "falling, falling, falling in love" repeated chorus. His take on "Git It" (sorta the title cut, I guess) is a mix of doo-wop, early r'n'r and acapella parts. "Let's Talk About Us", the old r'n'r number, is raved up nicely and Hank Williams' "Hey Good Lookin'" maintains its honky-tonk flavor with a bit more of a rockin' beat. Lowe comes back with a fast-paced clever hangover tale in "What Did I Do Last Night" before another collaboration in the ballad-y "Little Darling", sounding like it could just as easily come off of Jesus of Cool as any Edmunds record. Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup's hit "My Baby Left Me" is given a fairly traditional, is high-energy reading as the closer.

Lovers of early r'n'r, pub rock, pop, great guitar playing, cool harmonies, amazing songwriting and just cool stuff should all own this! And that should mean you, shouldn't it?!