Friday, February 21, 2014

Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps

Gene Vincent is one of the pioneers of rockabilly and early rock'n'roll, and this, his second album, released in
1957, is a fantastic example of the style. Personally, I think that Gene kicks ass all over Elvis, simply because of his wild, unadulterated style and his amazing backup band, especially lead guitarist Cliff Gallup, who influenced damn near everyone in the r'n'r world!

This CD includes plenty of ultra-wild numbers like "Red Blue Jeans and a Ponytail", "Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me", "Cat Man", "Cruisin'" and plenty of others, but also shows that Gene has a sensitive (though far from wimpy) side with numbers like "Unchained Melody", "Blues Stay Away From Me" and "I Sure Miss You". The chemistry between Vincent and Gallup and the band is evident throughout, as they thrash out some of the fiercest r'n'r in the 50's, shrieking and yelping along the way! Yes, this is fairly standard rockabilly, but done just so damn well that it is heads above the rest of the pack and far from formulaic.

There are 5 bonus tracks here, as well, all as good as the rest of the record. If you want an example of just how good rockabilly can be, this is the place!