Monday, November 10, 2014

The Humans - Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely

Anyone who has read the blog for any amount of time has seen me write'n'rave about Tom Neely's various projects. Tom is a kick-ass artist that works in many mediums (media?) - painting, pencil, records, graphic novels, and comic books. The Humans is being released by Image and is fast becoming another cult fave, as Henry & Glenn (Tom's collaboration with Igloo Tornado) already has.

I can't find the quote, but apparently someone in DC in the 60's said something to the effect that "comics with a gorilla on the cover will immediately sell out". Well, Neely & Keller has bested that concept by creating a world that by all appearances is the US in the 1970's, except that it is inhabited by (human-like) apes. The "heroes" of this story are a biker gang calling themselves the Humans whose nemeses are another gang, the Skabbs.

This issue number 1 basically introduces the cast of characters and gives you a feel for their world and for the feel that the comic is going to present - 70's B-Movie Biker Land, filled with sex, drugs and violence, as any good b-movie should!

This comic even has a soundtrack, again, as a proper b-movie would, and can be accessed for free at:

Tom is a terrific artist (and, disclosure, an old friend) and Keller gives you the proper, trashy feel. This has every indication that it is gonna be a wild ride! Hoo Ha!

There are also some amazing t-shirts available: