Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sugar Pie DeSanto - Go Go Power - The Complete Chess Singles 1961 - 1966

I'm not sure where I first discovered Sugar Pie - whether it was from someone's Facebook post or due to her hot numbers on one of the American Folk Blues DVDs - but I was captivated immediately by her soulfullness and sexiness. This CD of her Chess output has some terrific tunes, but apparently is not her whole story since she had hits before moving to Chess. Still, a fine compilation.

This young, tiny spitfire was blatantly raucous and sensual - lyrically as well as visually, as the accompanying booklet shows - while possessing a powerful yet sweet voice and a talent for songwriting - not very common for a young woman at the time.

Right from the start in the r'n'b dance number "Soulful Dress" she self-confidently talks about how she's going to be the life of the party and will steal any man she wants since she'll be "at her best in her soulful dress"! I love the groovy growl she has in her voice while she warns the other woman of her prowess. This edge continues in "I Don't Wanna Fuss" (sounds like the Rolling Stones grabbed some ideas from this one) and the party tune, "In the Basement" (where she duets with Etta James). She revs up the energy even more for the horn-driven "Witch For a Night" then slows it down a bit to be even more sultry and sassy for "Slip-In Mules", where she boasts about her dress - "it ain't the back that's cut too low"! There's an Ike and Tina, "Think It's Gonna Turn Out Fine" feel to "Mama Didn't Raise No Fools" and the title track, "Go Go Power" has plenty of swingin' go-go power to spare!

From here we get plenty more soul and r'n'b goodness, though it gets a little less raunchy (until the hot'n'nasty blues in "Use What You Got") and a little slicker and Motown-ish (though in no way bad) as the years go on. There's an extensive booklet (that I haven't had time to peruse in detail yet) and lots of fantastic music. You definitely want this one!