Monday, December 04, 2017

The Psyatics and the Swamp Gospel at the Huntridge Tavern, Saturday Dec 2, 2017

Despite, or because of, it's small size, the Huntridge Tavern is one of my favorite places to play. Intimate in the extreme, it's run by terrific people and generally populated by an enthusiastic and well lubricated audience. All three members of the Gospel performed under the influence of various stages of a nasty cold, but it was a soul cleansing experience, plenty of fun, and I think everyone felt better afterwards! Thanks to everyone who came out early to see us despite the infinite number of other gigs happening.

(Above pix by Nikki Ruffling)

(me attacking good sport Danielle Bell of the Unwieldies - pic by John Armstrong)

As I have said many a-times, the Psyatics are one of my fave bands in town, a trio of talent, with songs of drunken murder'n'lust in a noizy garage-fueled vein. Unfortunately, my phone take shitty photos and I didn't grab my real camera because I'm lame. In any case, they were spot-on, fierce'n'ferocious with a number of terrific new tunes mixed among their older fare. Always a good time playin' with these cats! A new album is in the works, so catch up on their current three and dig 'em on record as well as live!