Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Implosions, the New Waves at Zia Records, Saturday April 21, 2018

Since we do so much shopping online these days, we don't get out to any brick'n'mortar store very often, so we try to make a point to get to Zia on Record Store Day, even though we never buy any of the RSD special releases. This particular RSD though, was special in that a bunch of friends were playing in the stores. Unfortunately, we missed the earlier gig on Zia on Eastern (sorry, Unwieldies!) but we made it to the Sahara store for this one.

Our good friends, the Implosions, started off the day here with their unique brand of Vegas-themed rock'n'roll, with musical influences ranging from the blues, the Cramps and 70's punk rock. Songs like the poppy "Las Vegas Summer Nights", the punky "Blue Angel" and "Elvis" mixed with bluesy/ Cramps-y numbers about imploded casinos, Block 16 (the original drinkin'/gamblin'/prostitution area), and playin' the ponies. The Implosions are still new to the scene, but are already gainin' a reputation and a fan club and are tons of fun with plenty of talent'n'style with tight'n'tasty playin' from everyone and some fine pipes on singer Adrienne. See 'em!

The New Waves are Vegas' instro super-group who are fast becoming one of the more popular acts in town with their surf-styled interpretations of 80's new waves songs from bands like the Go-Go's, Gary Newman, the Cars, the Knack and plenty more! Always a hit whenever they take the stage, their playing is stellar all around, they are stylish in matching black'n'red outfits and the equipment is ultra-cool and period-proper. They vary their guitar sounds somewhat to fit the original song, but keep the surf tones'n'reverb throughout. More Saturday afternoon fun!

Due to other obligations, we weren't able to stick around for the other acts (sorry guys!), but this was a totally enjoyable Record Store Day!