Friday, May 04, 2018

The Lyres - Stereo and The Lyres 2

The Lyres put out a couple of 12"EP's not long after the release of On Fyre, the first of which (at least I got it first!) was ironically called Stereo (funny that Monoman would go for that!) with three tunes, the garage stomper, call'n'answer of "Someone Who'll Treat You Right Now", the fantastic rocker "She Pays the Rent", which the Nomads did and, sorry to say, even surpassed this somewhat more subdued offering, and the utilize tremelo'd guitar again in "You've Been Wrong", a tune that jumps around a bit with a number of different sections, but still has some cool parts, even if it isn't as catchy as some of their numbers.

On Lyres 2, the band sounds punchier than ever on the hard-edged rocker "Buried Alive" (that has a hilariously long ending), the high energy bouncer "In Motion", the insistently melodic, sing-along put-down "High on Yourself" and a great rockin' take on the Hangmen's "What a Girl Can't Do" (the Slickee Boys did an amazing version of this, as well, as a side note!). This record is probably the closest the band sounded like Monoman's old DMZ, while still maintaining their old identity. Truly hot!