Friday, August 10, 2018

Ugly Things #48 - Summer/Fall 2018

Of course, you know by now that Ugly Things is the zine to get for the low down on cool'n'obscure - and sometimes well known - rock'n'roll from the primordial past, and occasionally the primitive present. As the years and decades go on, Mike Stax and company have expanded their musical reach and rant'n'rave about music from earlier'n'later than the original 60's garage theme. In this jam-packed ish, there are stories on the heavy psych of the Other Half, then back in time for an overview on Elvis (making Elvis interesting in the millennia is difficult, but Harvey Kubernik does a good job), the Skulls (punk rock from Vancouver), 60's psych from Moby Grape and considerably more, including plenty of garage groups. Of course, there are also offering on the Pretty Things, the Flaming Groovies, the Choir and others, as well as an insane amount of reviews of books'n'records that will, as I always say, make you run to wish list with tons of additions.

C'mon, it's Ugly Things! You know that you want'n'need it - go get it!