Sunday, December 08, 2019

Jw's Freelance Curmudgeon - Saturday Dec 7, 2019 at the Dive Bar

(Jw's take on the Dive Bar show with Agent Orange, the Sheiks of Neptune, the Psyatics and the Jagoffs)

Fun show at The DiveBar tonight.

The Psyatics rock with the energy of dudes half their age (even if the guitarists keep bumping into Robert Bell... he’s learning to adapt to Rich Coffee’s shenanigans.)

The Sheiks Of Neptune are always fun, and always hard to describe. (They played a show in the desert at The Goldwell Museum, & my friend remarked that they actually had lyrics; she thought it was just Dickie yelling about his broken foot.)

Then, Agent Orange! They were the second show I saw as a kid (they played the Redlands Bowl with The Psychadelic Furs and that band that had Gwen Stefani in it before she was GWEN STEFANI.)
Agent Orange hasn’t missed a step; still banging out SoCal surf punk jams. Their drummer is a fucking machine! And I’ll admit that my eyes got a little misty when they played “Bloodstains.” (Yes, I bought the hoodie that has the chorus printed on the back.)

General stupid punk pit mayhem ensued.
(BTW, fuck Pennywise and Sublime for welcoming the fucking jocks into our scene...)

All in all, good times were had by most!