Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Golden Gods...the thorny crown of rock and roll

With a name taken (presumably) from the movie Almost Famous, in which the leader of the fictitious 70’s band declares “I AM A GOLDEN GOD” while on acid, one would think that this band would be somewhat retro in sound. And one would be correct!

This group mimics 70’s metal to a “T” – the singer even sounds like Dio in his Rainbow days or Cloverdale in his Deep Purple days! They have 70’s hair, 70’s instruments, even 70’s platform shoes! These cats are dedicated!

So, be forewarned – me, I love 70’s hard rock/heavy metal, but if you don’t, you won’t dig this record. But if you do – you should LOVE this! From the cover I expected this to almost be a joke band, but they seem serious - though they are obviously having a blast! - and they can really write songs! Yes, there are riffs galore and plenty of loud guitars, but there are also sing-a-long melodies, big choruses and lots of harmonies. Yes, some of the lyrics are silly, in a hard rock kinda way, but nowhere near a band like Turbonegro or even the Supersuckers (who they thank, among other punk’n’roll combos). I get the feeling that these cats really believe in what they do, even if they are purposely present it in an over-the-top way. But, when has “over-the-top” been bad in r’n’r?!

Oh, and there is a bonus track of them doing a hard-rockin’ version of “I Feel The Earth Move” by Carole King!!

I was just looking at their My Space page and apparently, they have broken up! that sucks! I was really hoping to see them play some day! I'm sure they were tons of fun live!

And check out this page for "history" of the band!


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