Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Blot by Tom Neely

While this graphic novel isn't exactly rock'n'roll, there is a direct connection in that Tom has done artwork for a number of LA bands including The Muffs, the Groovie Ghoulies, the Excessories, Teen Machine and the Shakes (to name a few). The style and the themes should resonate with any rock'n'roller with taste and a heart.

With influences ranging from Mickey Mouse comics to Magritte, Tom combines the silly with the serious to make a surrealistic comic that is at times fun and funny and other times heart-wrenching and heavy.

Most of us have lived this story at some point in our lives - uncertain on our own, finding someone that you think will save you, having that trust broken, and then finding the strength to go on.

Tom's artwork breathes a new life into this often-told story and makes it original. This is as personal as reading a diary, but is a work of art.

Tom is working as a freelance artist in LA and his work can be found in galleries throughout the West Coast and in numerous magazines and on many records.

Highly recommended to those who love comics, art, love and hope! (Sorry to be so damn corny!)

Order The Blot from Tom's website


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