Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sonic's Rendezvous Band 6 CD box set (Easy Action)

I had the privilege of seeing this band in the late 70’s in a small club in Chicago and was even thrilled to momentarily meet them and shake their hands. I don’t remember a lot about that night, but I do remember that they blew me away with their power and musicianship! A fabulous band that I wish I could have seen a lot more!

I’ve picked up the releases that I’ve been able to find of this band, but since they only “officially” recorded two songs, the finds have been few and far between. This mind-boggling box set takes care of the search once and for all!

Beautifully packaged with a “booklet” that is more of a novel with tons of super photos, the 6 CDs cover the career of the band from an early show in 1975 to plenty of rare basement tapes and oddities.

The sound quality fluctuates, but you can always hear everyone and the thunder and lightning crashes through! There are several versions of the several of the same songs throughout, but this gives you an idea of the evolution of the group. There are also tons of tunes that I have never heard so there’s always plenty to entertain you! One of the weirdest things on the whole set is a version of the old tune “Party Lights” originally done by Claudine Clark in 1962! Kinda genius in its bizarreness! Just goes to show that they had a wide range of influences!

One the last disc, there is an incredible jazz tune called “American Boy” which showcases Sonic’s sax playing, which is terrific! I knew that he played, but had never heard him and he is damn impressive!

Too much great stuff for me to cover it all, but basically, if you are a fan of Detroit r’n’r and are not afraid of semi-bootleg sound quality, this set is essential!


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