Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Supagroup - Rules

This New Orleans-based r’n’r outfit is a modern-day AC/DC, complete with loud rhythm guitars, terrific riffs and silly lyrics about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll! Damn swell guys too!

The band is led by the Lee brothers, Chris and Benji (lead vocals and lead guitar respectively, though they both share both duties), who claim to be nephews of Bruce Lee, which I can neither confirm nor deny. But they rock with the ferociousness that Bruce fought with! Bassist Leif Swift (nice guy who loaned me his amp and even his bass at times! Thanks, Leif!) and drum-master Michael Brueggen are a ridiculously tight rhythm section that holds the wildness together!

Opening with a reprise of “Ready to Go” from their first album, you know from the start what you’re in for – catchy riff-rock about groupies and rockin’! These cats are all about having FUN – getting high, playing in their band, having sex – and they want the audience to join in on the high jinx and high times, as well! I guess they’re an update on the New Orleans theme, “let the good times roll!” If you’re not smiling and bouncing in your seat right away, then I’m not sure that you’re human!

The lyric theme continues throughout songs such as “Let’s Go (Get Wasted)”, “Hot Times” and “It Takes Balls”. This isn’t poetry here! But it is awesome, sing-a-long r’n’r – they sure do know how to write a hook!

They are not a one-trick pony, though. There is variety here, as with the slower tempo and addition of keyboards on “I’m Gonna Change”, but the intensity remains.

The remainder of the record rocks accordingly – as I said, there is variety, even some slide guitar and blues licks - and the whole CD is dedicated to decadent fun! Not for those who take their music too seriously, but definitely for those who want to have a good, rockin’ time!