Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DM3 - Just Like Nancy 6 song EP

Australian band DM3, led by Dom Mariani, truly shows the modern world what power pop is supposed to be - superb melodies backed by loud guitars played with talent and passion. Dom has a gorgeous voice and is an incredible guitar player as well as a boggling songwriter. This EP is an Aussie release, and most of the songs have been released elsewhere in one form or another, but these are all terrific!

“Just Like Nancy (Girl in Boots)” is, of course, an ode to a female who reminds Dom of the "boots are made for walkin'" girl – a high compliment indeed! Anyone who has ever heard the DM3 knows what to expect – super catchy tune, great vocals, great backing and great production! Apparently, this EP is basically a CD single with “How Ya Feelin’” as the “flip side” and is more of the same terrific pop.

Filling this out is 4 live cuts which show that Dom is not just a studio phenomenon! His vocals are spot-on even while playing some clever and hip guitar parts. Included is the classic “One Time Two Time Devastated” (covered by the likes of the Excessories) which showcases Dom’s wild lead guitar work.

Everything that I have heard from this band is pretty much perfect power-pop, so if you have any interest in the genre, DM3 is a must! (Bomp! Records released a collection, Dig It the Most, in America, which may be easier to find for US residents than this release and is also high recommended.)