Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Dictators – Every Day is Saturday

This compilation of unreleased tunes and demos spans the band’s career from before Go Girl Crazy right up to D.F.F.D. Cassettes of a number of these songs have been traded by fans for decades but having everything and more all in one place, on CD no less, is damn near a Dictators-holy-grail!

Sure, the sound quality fluctuates throughout but the quality of the tunes is undeniable! Opening with a demo of “Weekend” (which I hadn’t heard before), this goes through a number of songs that were on those bootleg cassettes – “Backseat Boogie”, “Firemen’s Friend” (based on an episode of the Superman TV show!), “America the Beautiful” (rockin’ patriots that they are!), “!6 Forever” (covered by many bands and most exceptionally by the Nomads) – and includes a large number of unreleased versions of Bloodbrothers tunes, as well as some from the other albums. In fact, as I look closer, this includes different takes of every song from Bloodbrothers other than their cover of the Flamin' Groovies' “Slow Death”!

I love hearing their variations on their themes! Absolutely genius stuff and sometimes maybe even better than the released versions (especially in the case of the Bloodbrothers numbers)!

I wasn’t even aware of this release until I stumbled upon it on Amazon, of all places, but this is one of my more exciting buys in recent times! An extensive booklet is included, as well. This probably isn’t the best starting place, but utterly essential for fans!