Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supagroup – Fire for Hire

I just picked up this 2007 release of the supa-powerful Supagroup and, once again, lovers of their high-energy, testosterone-fueled, somewhat silly, AC/DC styled rock’n’roll won’t be disappointed!

They explode out of the gate with the blistering “What’s Your Problem Now?”, which tells you all you need to know about these cats right from the start. This is take-no-prisoners r’n’r – wild and irreverent and tons of fun! “Born in Exile” sounds like David Lee Roth if he could still write good songs. Chanted “heys!” open up “Lonely At the Bottom”, a song about them being underdogs that enjoys a catchy chorus. Nothing to do with any other song with the same title is “Sold Me Down the River” – another sing-along, up tempo rocker.

They cut the speed a little with the bluesy “Jailbait”, which they have recorded before. This is a new take, though and the cool groove is highlighted with some tasteful guitar work from Benji Lee and fine vocals by brother Chris. Rhythm section Leif Swift on bass and Michael Brueggen on drums do a helluva job complimenting all of the tracks.

More AC/DC-isms are evident in “Promised Land” with its staccato guitar rhythms and licks and cool, group chorus. Lots of good use of dynamics in this one, too. They’re in your face full force with “Hey Kiddies” (“wake up from your coma”) – more high-energy with plenty of terrific guitar work.

The more moody “Mourning Day” starts as a quieter, blues-based number than builds into a loud, strong chorus before coming back down for more melodic verses. Well written! Benji excels here again, too! They blast back into familiar territory with a righteous “Long Live Rock” which ironically is much more rockin’ than the Who song of the same name! “Bow Down” is slow but ultra-heavy and again, I’m hearing references to AC/DC (sorry to belabor this point, but there are specific songs that are really similar – not that I think that’s a problem!). Good change of pace without wimping out – the drumbeat is massive here – like a brontosaurus stomp!

The title song has a fine r’n’r beat and is classic Supagroup with single-entendre, incredibly salacious lyrics and a helluva chorus. They close the record with the wildly rockin’ “Roll in Smokin’” – super fast, great guitar work and a damn good song!

Don’t expect anything very divergent from their previous releases, but I like a band that has a great sound and doesn’t change every record! Those who dig their r’n’r fast and fun, this is the place for you!
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