Friday, January 02, 2009


Throughout the year I have mainly been revisiting some of my fave 60’s & 70’s (and even some 80’s) r’n’r and discovering and exploring more and more blues classics. There are few new bands that have grabbed my attention (Supagroup and the Hellacopters were almost the only current bands that I raved about, though they both have been around for years), but maybe this will improve in 2009.

Far too many stars and near-stars left us this past year, including Vampira, George Carlin, Bo Diddley, Issac Hayes, Norman Whitfield, Richard Wright, Levi Stubbs, Mitch Mitchell, Eartha Kitt, Bettie Page and Odetta, among others. Let’s hope there are more happy moments in 2009.

I would have to say that my favorite re-discovery of the year was Johnny Winter, as evidenced by my multiple posts about him (and more to come!).

I’m looking forward to seeing what I come up with or unearth this year!