Friday, January 16, 2009

The Doors - Waiting For the Sun

The Doors managed to have several hits after striking big with “Light My Fire” and the opener here, “Hello, I Love You” was this release’s smash! This is a fine rocker, with power chords and great melody. They have a nice, light tune in “Love Street”, which I really dig – good progression, cool playing and “summer of love” lyrics.

A lot darker is “Not to Touch the Earth”, with its simple lick and insistent beat. I always think of this as part of “Celebration of the Lizard” from Absolutely Live! Damn intense! A return to the melancholy is “Summer’s Almost Gone”, which actually sounds like Fall approaching to me! Lovely and sad…

But so you don’t feel too bad for Jim, next up is “Wintertime Love”, a respite from the cold of the outside world. The has an almost waltz-y feel, especially the “come with me, dance, my dear” section with Ray playing harpsichord. Nice.

A bit of live theater that didn’t completely translate to vinyl is “The Unknown Soldier”. This is actually pretty good and catchy other than the mid break with was used for a visual skit that they did on stage. Without seeing what they are acting out, it falls a little flat until they come back to the celebratory chorus.

Kreiger’s flamenco background comes to the forefront for “Spanish Caravan” with super playing and interaction between him and Manzarek. They meld this with r’n’r to make a uniquely interesting number. Another cool innovation is the accapella “My Wild Love” that has the group chanting behind Jim’s lead line in an American Indian fashion. This actually creates a terrific song.

Back to basic Doors’ r’n’r with the organ-driven “We Could Be So Good Together” – pretty poppy and this leads into “Yes, the River Knows”, both good, but nothing particularly special.

More than special though is this album’s closer, the political fuzz rocker “Five To One”, a fantastic monster! Pounding drums, heavy fuzz and Jim’s hopeful lines like “they got the guns but we got the numbers/gonna win yeah we’re taking over!” This is the band at their most rockin’ and at their subversive best! A terrific ending to a strong, varied record.