Saturday, April 18, 2009

CSNY/Deja Vu (DVD)

I picked up this DVD cheap at Zia today on a whim and found out that this 2006 (pre-election) CSNY tour was set up by Neil as a adjunct to his Living With War album. They performed his entire record and augmented it with like minded songs from their history.

This DVD is a story on the tour more than a concert film (which, though I dug the movie as is, I would have loved to have had the entire concert as a bonus DVD or something - it is available on CD, though) and tells stories of the audience and of people whose lives have been affected by the war.

I find is somewhat boggling to find that people went to this concert and were surprised to find out that the band was singing political numbers! I am astonished that any conservatives would like these guys in the first place and am blown away that they were surprised that the band might be anti-bush! How can anyone be even mildly familiar with these guys and not understand that? It would be like going to see Ted Nugent and expecting him to sing about peace and love - just unrealistic expectations!

Anyway, though the guys look their ages and Crosby and Stills especially have not aged well (even Stills once great voice is considerably worse for the wear, though the other guys are pretty strong), this is a very cool film about the intersection of politics and music and allows people to speak their mind, both pro and con about what they hear. Freedom of Speech is what this tour and this Neil Young-financed movie was all about.

If you're a fan, check it out! If you're a conservative, you will probably want to pass on this, because it will challenge your world-view. The conservatives featured in the film do not articulate their counter arguments very well (mostly consisting of "fuck you" and "suck my dick"). But, for the open-minded, it is a powerful musical and political statement.