Monday, December 14, 2009

Angus Kahn at the Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas, December 11, 2009

Angus Kahn is an LA-underground “super group” of sorts, featuring singer Derek and drummer Andy from the sadly defunct, fantastic B-Movie Rats, guitarist Frank and bassist Dino from the Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs and guitarist Bruce Duff, from an infinite number of bands.

This creation seems to be going for an American version of TurboNegro, minus the gay jokes. They are plenty of huge riffs, silly lyrics (“Call Me Motherfucker” with its line “that’s Mr. Motherfucker to you” and the AC/DC derivative, single-entendre “Big Balls”) and lots of great playing by these scene stalwarts.

The miniscule Double Down Saloon hosted their larger-than-life Vegas debut on Friday. Derek Christensen literally rode into town on a chopper, despite the 20 degree, wet weather, looking the part of a greasy biker, and jumped on stage to wail with one of the best rock’n’roll voices on the west coast (at least)! The rest of the cats all dress up in stylish rocker clothing, from Frank’s “Sgt. Rock” outfit to Dino’s “silent movie star gone punk” to Bruce’s glam/flash drapings (drummer Andy was practical – for a drummer – and rocked shirtless).

The group provided their own lighting (good, since the DD has practically none), including boxes on either side of the stage that light up when someone would stand on them, and also smoke and bubble effects for a cool, over-the-top show!

The songs are all solid, high-energy, played with finesse and with all-around great vocals from the entire band. The show is a blast and the guys are definitely having a kick and the only way the audience couldn’t do so as well is if they didn’t have a sense of humor at all.

This band regularly plays LA, so if you’re in that town, definitely see ‘em and otherwise, hopefully they will be trekking to the outlands. Also, check out their rockin’ debut CD, Black Leather Soul!