Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz

One of the best popular r'n'r songs of the 90's was Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way'. Great guitar tone with a super-rockin' riff, high energy swagger and sexy lyrics. He looked fabulous, had a wonderful band (including an amazing female drummer) and believed in using old technology to get the right rock'n'roll sounds.

Unfortunately, nothing else on the album rocks like the title track. There are still some great moments on the record, but without the wailing abandon of "...Go My Way". He has interesting steals, though, from Led Zeppelin ("Believe" could be an out-take from Houses of the Holy) to 70's funk ("Come On and Love Me" - nothing to do with the Kiss song of the same name) to Beatle-esque psychedelia ("My Love"). All are comparatively mellow and many of the others are down-right ballads.

This is not bad, per se, just not what I had expected from his hit. But, he has superb guitar licks throughout and writes fine tunes.

Kravitz is a terrific talent who helped to revitalize r'n'r in the 90's.