Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flop – The Fall of the Mopsqueezer

Before pop-punk became a dirty word, there was Flop – one of the best and most interesting heavy power-pop bands of the 90’s. Led by Rusty Willoughby and produced by the amazing Kurt Bloch, this rocks mightyly and is still clever in all the right ways – lyrically (I’m no dummy and I had to look up some of the words that Rusty effortlessly sings), melodically and musically.

No virtuosos in the bands (there are virtually no solos, though the drummer is a bit of a monster!), but none of them needed to be for this music, even though the progressions can be a bit complicated. Overall, everyone just concentrates on the song and making it as good and strong as possible.

Definitely a highlight of the early 90’s! If you like your pop with huge, heavy guitars, smart lyrics (and sometimes disturbing – one song apparently speaks of sibling incest), excellent vocals and plenty of energy, this is for you! They even cover the Kinks’ “Big Sky”!