Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Dave Clark Five – The Hits

My biggest thrill during my latest visit to our local library in search of new music was the discovery of this Dave Clark Five CD! Having been a huge DC5 fan since their hey-day and seeing as my vinyl is thoroughly trashed, I have been looking for any CDs of theirs for quite a while. Apparently Dave is holding up any releases for the right contract, but somehow this one got past him a while back, though it is now out of print. I’m sure glad that the library somehow got ahold of it, cuz I’ve been trying for ages!

As with most “hits” compilations, this has its share of turkeys, but all of the greats are here! The fantastic percussion-driven stompers include “Glad All Over’, “Bits and Pieces” (covered by Joan Jett), “Don’t You See That She’s Mine”, “Any Way You Want It” (covered by Kiss, among others), “Wild Weekend”, "Catch Us If You Can", “Try Too Hard” and tons more. The later tunes are the clunkers, though, including a maudlin "Everybody Knows", “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”, “Everybody Get Together” and the dreadful “Universal Love”, billed as a “new unreleased bonus track”.

The superb rockers far surpass the drek, though, so any fan of 60’s rock’n’roll should own this slice of powerful pop!