Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pixes – The Joint at the Hard Rock, Las Vegas 9-25-10

While I have never been a Pixies fan, Melanie has been for decades, and so was very excited to see the band come to Vegas, especially since they cancelled the last time they were supposed to play here. She hadn’t seen them since the late 80’s/early 90’s, when they played at the acoustically abysmal Hollywood Palladium, so she was looking forward to actually hearing the band this time!

At the Joint the opening act was an unnamed techno duo who bored the majority of the audience (everywhere I looked there were yawns a-plenty) while hunched over their drum machines and tape loops. All there was to the “music” was a beat, some minimalist chords and ambient noise – I’m sure this goes over well at a rave, but hardly as an opening act for a rock show. Practically non-existent music and no visuals at all = painfully dull. Everyone was supremely relieved when they finally finished their set.

The Pixies are not a highly visual band either (to say the least – dowdy dressers who do not move at all), but they had a terrific multi-media presentation on the screen behind them while they mostly remained in the dark. The sound was great for the band, as well, and they did not disappoint their many rabid fans. They played their Doolittle album and a number of extra cuts, as well, including most, if not all, of the tunes that Melanie was hoping for!

I’m always wary of bands on their reunion tours, but the Pixies are solid, they have a good show, and by all accounts are better than ever!