Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stones in Exile (DVD)

When I first started watching this documentary, the introductory footage of people like Don Was, Sheryl Crow, Jack White and one of the Kings of Leon basically saying "I don't know anything about this, why are you asking me?" made me worried that this would be another horrible MTV-esque doc where "stars" are interviewed who weren't even around at the time.

Fortunately, this was soon dispelled and there is tons and tons of period footage, interviews with the Stones and significant others (Bobby Keys, Anita Palliberg, etc) then & now and even some fantastic live footage. This tale is of a wild time in r'n'r and a fantastically creative time in the Stones' world with some extraordinarily talented extras. Yes, everyone knows the story of them having to leave England for tax purposes (hence the "exile") and ending up in France, where they recorded their first double album in the basement of a house that Keith was renting. But this shows the reality of it all and a lot of the day to day boredom and madness that made up their extravagant r'n'r lifestyles. Out of it all they managed to make one of the grungiest records of their careers, which was almost universally panned when it came out and is now considered one of the most significant records in rock.

I actually just saw the main doc part of this via Netflicks, so can't comment on the extras, but this is another fun, inspirational bit of r'n'r history and something that every music fan should see.