Sunday, November 06, 2011

Le Noise - Neil Young

This 2010 release is a true collaboration between Neil Young and producer Daniel Lanois. I am not familiar with Lanois' work, primarily because most of the artists that he has worked with previously hold no interest for me. But here, Young performs by himself - just voice and guitar - and Lanois adds layers of sonic textures which can make you forget that Young is alone here - Lanois almost becomes the band.

That is not to say that Young's work couldn't stand on its on even if these songs were recorded simply and without any effects. I believe that Neil is one of the few artists who, while at times erratic, is still vital and creative and remains an incredibly talented songwriter as he ages. I love that he can still produce incredible noise as well as quiet, gentle ballads and everything still rings true. He is a true artist and a wonderful, mad genius.

I don't know if any of these songs will become classics as some of his past works have, but this is a fine album and something interesting and different. Not wholly unique, of course - besides harkening to some of his own past work, I hear things such as Spacemen 3 in the production - but original enough and this shows that Young continues to expand and try new things, which is an inspiration to this old man.